First clouds

Well, here I am, exposing my little clouds of thought for the first time. How do people do it with such ease? Without the feeling that their thoughts don't really matter? Their wise words just filling the empty zones of cyberspace?

"Who cares?" You may say, "it's for my own reading pleasure."

Alright, that's a good enough reason, but why not just write in a diary then? I used to diligently write in diaries when I was younger. I made them extra special by pasting ticket stubs, drawing in them, leaving traces of tears on ink behind. To me these little items left proof that I was indeed happy, sad or angry. I loved the fact that I could curse and swear without anyone knowing. I wrote and wrote till I was about 16 then as I started socializing more and more, the pages I wrote got less and less. There was simply no time!

I do regret that I no longer write in my diary. I've missed important moments of my life(in writing, of course) -graduating from school to college to joining the rat race. I did attempt to catch up on important moments such as getting a brief college sweetheart ( though he really wasn't sweet), meeting of new friends, getting my feelings crushed by a bloke then meeting my future husband through the same bloke, going to the Alanis Morisette and No Doubt, getting proposed to, getting cold feet before marriage.

But catching up just isn't the same is it? Feelings are less intense.

So what I am doing now, starting this blogging business? Why, to make sure that I don't have to catch up so much in the future, I guess. And why the public access?

That's easy! I need to share my little thoughts of wisdom and fill up the empty zones of cyberspace! Besides, it's for my own reading pleasure!


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