Yellow boxes, indicators and thank you's

It's easy to assume that Malaysian drivers (inclusive of Mat Rempits) are discourteous. Too many articles have been written about how drivers seem to think that they're the King of the road. How difficult is it to control your fingers to use your indicator signal? At least you're assured that fellow drivers KNOW where you intend to go rather than assume that they can READ your mind. Sure, we ARE surrounded by modern technology and many Matrix movies but we really have not reached that level yet.

Seriously, there's a real reason behind yellow boxes at intersections. They're there so that fellow drivers can cross the same road you intend to cross once the light turns green on their end or they have the right of way. We all learned this in driving school, didn't we? I believe lots of Malaysian's have forgotten these basic rules:

  • Don't stay in yellow boxes. They are NOT a piece of decoration painted on roads to entertain you unlike the fancy lamposts we sometimes see put up by DBKL or some local municipal. Know when to STOP your car before you enter the box.
For those who have forgotten: Look if there's enough space to squeeze your car in at the other side of the junction. No space and the light is still green? Don't take your chances and be cursed at for being an imbecile. You're only contributing to the jam and NOT going anywhere! This yellow boxes can be found at intersections (at traffic lights), outside police stations and fire brigades (it helps save someone's life when they are not blocked by some imbecile), and exit points of car parks or buildings.

  • In a queue (or long jam), TAKE TURNS to allow cars to join in the queue from say, a car park, or a junction on the left.
For those who have indeed forgotten: You're supposed to allow one car to join in a queue by giving him way. So is the car in front of you and the one behind you. It applies to everyone. You are NOT special. Even if the driver in front or behind refuses to do so (thinking he's special or the only one in a rush), do the right thing! Don't feel pressured to join the other imbeciles even if if you're in a rush to send your child back home after school to go to his tuition class. I see lots of parents breaking this simple rule. This is easy enough to do: 1st notice that there's a car waiting patiently to join the queue, 2nd slow down, 3rd brake. Some imbeciles rev their accelerators by accident instead of braking. This causes the other driver to be very angry and thus continue the ugly cycle of doing the WRONG thing by NOT giving way to other drivers who come his way.

  • Show your thanks when someone gives you way
For those who have forgotten: It's not a miracle that there's somehow enough space for you to join in the queue. It's not your privilege either. It may be your right as a driver but some imbeciles have forgotten that right so SIGNAL that you intend to join in the queue (PS, so other drivers know you intend to join the queue), make sure that your car is aligned before spreading your left hand fingers into sort of a hi-five and position your arm at a 90 degree level between the 2 front seats so that the driver behind you can see your gratefulness and continue doing the RIGHT thing for other drivers.

  • Use your signal light.
For those who have forgotten: There's a tool in your car (ALL cars have it, in fact), to let other drivers know where you intend to go. You can either use it to signal right or left. This tool is best used when changing lanes or joining queues.

  • Use your mirrors
For those who have forgotten: The mirrors are there to show you whether there's a car on your right, left or behind you before you signal and change lanes. It helps you avoid colliding into them. Amazing stuff huh?

Hope these little tips help you be a more courteous and safe driver!


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