Jellyfish vases

I've had my fair share owning a mini aquarium with guppies when I was a kid. They never lived long despite our best efforts to feed and clean the aquarium regularly. We might have even been guilty of overfeeding.

Aquariums always give me a sense of calm and I love looking at the huge ones with all kinds of exotic sea life. I don't think I have the discipline to maintain any sort of aquarium so when I saw art pieces by Satava, they excited me. However, their prices got me grounded again hahaha.

Satava Art Glass produces an array of stunning hand-blown and solid forms in glass. Their work is well known and appreciated throughout the world. Their amazing Jellyfish in glass have worked their way into many people’s hearts and homes. Satava hand-blown vases, depicting beautiful natural landscapes, have made many a person melt.


1. This particular jellyfish sculpture has a beautiful ethereal translucent dome. Under the dome is a brown and gold band with an array of colorful tendrils descending from within. This design has the Jellyfish floating over a beautiful seascape bottom covered with algae and amazingly detailed sea anemones.

2. This sculpture is a beautiful depiction of two intertwining jellyfish. The Pacific Coast Jellyfish a striking deep orange ribbed dome. Under both of the domes is a brown and gold band with an array of tendrils descending in colorful, thin wisps. The sea bottom is covered in numerous barnacles.



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